A Message from The Cleveland Chain Reaction Team

We recognize the challenges faced by our fellow Black Americans and their communities and we stand with them.

These challenges have long been documented and the recent deaths of Black Americans are not isolated events. These outcomes are the result of systemic racism that has made it more than challenging for Black Americans to fully realize their potential while contributing to the growth of Black people and the communities they live in without fear.

Despite copious years of inequality, our Black communities have given us major contributors to society as doctors, scientists, civil servants, teachers, innovators, entrepreneurs and more. They are parents, youth, brothers, and sisters – people that fundamentally and, at the very least, deserve respect and dignity.

The very people who have contributed to the prosperity that so many enjoy to this day have not only been deprived of that same enjoyment, but are also unwillingly and unjustly caught in a vicious cycle of policies and systemic racism that have evolved over time.

Cleveland Chain Reaction and its partnering organizations will continue their commitment to increasing both the human and economic value Black and Brown entrepreneurs have and bring to Cleveland neighborhoods. In human value, we will center and acknowledge the importance and contributions of Black communities and communities of color to our local economy by providing a platform where they are seen and heard. In economic value, we will continue to invest in Black businesses and businesses supported and owned by people of color. We will continue to assist BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) in increasing their economic value in the marketplace through effective programming and promotion, technical support, and capital investment.

We cannot rewrite history, but we can and must capture this moment in time, our moment in time, to deliver a better present that will lead to a brighter future.


The Cleveland Chain Reaction partners - Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, The Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), and JumpStart - understand that this is an extremely challenging time for small businesses in our region. Our organizations exist to serve the business community and we are working diligently to ensure we are doing everything in our power to connect you and your business to the support, resources, and solutions businesses need the most as you navigate this pandemic.

Each organization is posting regular content and updates to ensure you are connected to the information most pertinent to your business. We are also hosting regular webinars to not only keep you informed and engaged, but to also ensure you have the tools you need to continue business operations and emerge successfully from the impacts of COVID-19. Links to each partner's COVID-19 specific websites are included below for your convenience.

Please reach out to us. We are here to listen, to help in any way that we can, and to work as hard as possible to ensure that small businesses in our region continue to grow and thrive.

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